Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Crazy eights. The Chiefs are 8-0 and King of the Mountain right now. They are the only undefeated team left in the NFL after the Giants turned their schizophrenic season around in a hurry by handing the Vikings their first loss of the season in the Homerdome. San Fran is another Jeckyll and Hyde team, routing the Bucs one week and then losing to the lowly Cardinals the next. Cincinnati brought Seattle back down to Earth. Tampa did the same to Dallas, shutting them out in typical Buccaneer fashion. New England got a break when Cleveland decided to sleep in on Sunday and then the generous Browns even let the Pats kick a late field goal to cover the spread by a half point. Julius Peppers stepped up in OT to make damn sure the for-real Panthers didn't lose to the Saints. The Eagles and the Jets played a very entertaining game, with both teams seeming like they're on the rise. The Broncos desperately need Jake the Snake back to have any shot at the playoffs. The Bears proved they don't suck as bad as the Lions. When Mike Vick returns for Atlanta, Detroit will be the worst team in the league. Jacksonville sucks, Pittsburgh sucks, Buffalo sucks, and San Diego sucks. The Phins handily dispatched the Chargers on Monday night in what may have been the only "free admission" game in the modern era of the NFL. Things are starting to shake down. There are a ton of crappy to mediocre teams in the league, but the cream of the crop gives me hope for a phenomenal postseason.

The Piker staff went 9-5 for a the week. Not too shabby.

WON: Baltimore, Chicago, Tennessee, New England, Carolina, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Houston, Miami

LOST: Seattle, Minnesota, San Francisco, N.Y. Jets, Buffalo

Piker's season mark now stands at: 55-42-3. When we get to 25 games over .500, drinks are on us.

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