Saturday, January 08, 2011


Piker is on the road.  Posting from a La Quinta Inn in Indianapolis, Piker isn't feeling all that confident about today's picks.  However, Piker doesn't really care too much about the picks considering he'll be attending the Jets-Colts game live this evening!  And... after a race against the clock tonight, he'll be attending the Ravens-Chiefs tomorrow afternoon in KC!

NY Jets
@Indianapolis             -3

Piker's Pick:  NY Jets

New Orleans              -10

Piker's Pick: New Orleans

Green Bay
@Philadelphia              -2.5

Piker's Pick: Philadelphia

Baltimore                      -3
@Kansas City

Piker's Pick: Kansas City

Monday, January 03, 2011


Week 17 Results:  12-4
Season-to-Date:  116-119-5

The NFL baffles Piker.  But he's not alone.  This is obviously not breaking news, but the lack of consistency in the league coupled with the skill of the oddsmakers makes it incredibly difficult to bet.  Not that Piker wagered any money on these games.  Really, he didn't.  Piker's Picks was and is merely an experiment.  Why Piker waited until the last two weeks to figure things out is a mystery that will not soon be solved.  After crashing in Week 15 with a 4-12 clip, Piker rallied to close out the season with two straight monster weeks -- 11-5 and 12-4 -- and end up only 3 games under .500.  Piker's inability to remove emotion from the equation when picking games in which the Miami Dolphins were involved was most likely the difference between a season in the black and a season in the red.  The Aqua and Orange were the model of inconsistency this year, defying logic by posting a 6-2 road record and going 1-7 at home.  As a lifelong Dolfan, Piker is depressed on this ultimate day for Monday Morning Quarterbacks.  But overall, Piker doesn't feel too bad about the Picks.  If Piker had placed the same amount of money on every single game, the losses would have been minimal.  But by keeping things strictly at the experimental level and not wagering a dime, Piker got the thrill of having a little bit riding on every game absolutely free of charge.  That is what Piker calls winning.

Piker P.S. -- Piker is taking his act on the road and venturing to the Midwest for Wild Card Weekend.  Tickets have been acquired for the Jets-Colts game Saturday night in Indianapolis, and the search has begun for seats at Arrowhead Stadium for the Ravens-Chiefs on Sunday afternoon in KC.  Enough of this Sunday Ticket, coach potato crap.  Piker can finally say he is ready for some football!