Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Finally. Last night, "The Stones" digitally recorded the first sitcom episode to bear my great name. After almost 7 seasons, I finally have a produced episode! Entitled "She Ain't Heavy, She's My Sister," the segment featured guest star Wendie Malick (still stunning) playing Barbara's (Judith Light) formerly fat sister. I'll mercifully spare you the rest of the details. The important thing is: It's in the can, I'm proud of myself, and I'm getting paid. I want to thank My Girl and My Friends for coming out to support me. I'll respect My Girl's privacy and not name her by name, but I will publicly thank Sam Linsky and Jeff Bye for braving the entire four hour marathon taping, Alvarez Wortham and Jeremy Rezumna for showing up for the last few scenes and partying afterwards, David Spancer and Dan Tobin for walking over from their respective shows on the lot to pay their respects, and Cory Goodman for making it to the all-important after-party. Plus, a big fat thank you to all of my relatively new friends on "The Stones" who buoyed my spirit during a fairly trying experience. The best feedback I got came from one of the writers who said, "No matter what happened during the production week or how many of your words remained in the shooting script, you earned this credit." I agree with him -- I did earn the credit. It was still a classy thing to say and a really nice thing to hear. Hopefully, this will prove to be the first of many produced episodes in my television career. Best case scenario would have the rest of the episodes read: Created by Barry Langer. A Piker Production.

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