Thursday, August 14, 2003


Yesterday, my day began with a 9 am production meeting and a 10 o'clock table read. After a marathon rewrite, I formatted, proofread, and processed the script before strolling down to the parking structure at 5 am. I was back at work today for a 12:30 pm run-thru. Thankfully, it went well and it looks like I'll be getting out of here at a decent time tonight. Must... get... sleep...

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


It's starting again. Here I am sitting in a production office the night before a table read, waiting for the script to be ready for me to proofread and publish. The feeling is all too familiar, this being my seventh season as a script coordinator and all. And it is sure to be the first of many evenings during production of which I will be unable to attend some fabulous event that I have tickets for. Tonight it was the premiere of the movie "Thirteen," including a screening at the Arclight and after-party at Cinespace. Basically, I can't make any solid plans until Thanksgiving. Once again, I am giving up my social life to assist the writing staff of yet another sitcom. It's no wonder I take every other year off to actually squeeze in some living.