Thursday, February 27, 2003


Nearly two weeks after the "Live From the Blogosphere" panel, the LA Times decided to run a piece on the event, called "Into the Blog". The story is a very basic account of the evening, containing no actual insight "into the blog", and such a narrow perspective, you'd think the bloggers on the panel were the only ones who knew how to type. The only tidbit I liked was the comparison of the "brainy and sexy" Rabbit to Agent Scully. But, honestly, anyone who knows the Rabbit personally, knows that she would whip Scully's ass in a brainy and sexy contest. This article is two dollars short and two weeks too late. It was covered in greater detail and with more flair on a host of blogs during and immediately following the festivities. With this kind of reporting from the LA Times, I think I'll take the advice put forth in the last line of the anemic article:

"Tonight, a community. Tomorrow, an empire. But for now, boot up and read about it on a blog."

Come on, guy.

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