Monday, February 24, 2003


For some time now I've been touting a film column called The Hot Button. This weekend I finally got to meet the man behind the column and I can thankfully report that David Poland is as engaging and entertaining in person as he is on the page. Today's Hot Button contains mentions of both Fox's Master and Commander move and the impromptu bash I sort of co-hosted this weekend. Accompanying David was Movie City News film columnist Ray Pride, who proved to be a veritable font of film knowledge and all-around fun guy. His column, Pride Unprejudiced is now on my must-read list. Newcomers to that list also include Luke Ford, Mickey Kaus, and James Lileks. But I still love my mainstays -- Rabbit Blog, Ken Layne, Matt Welch, Emmanuelle Richard, and Tony Pierce, who were all representing at said bash, styling and profiling as usual.

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