Thursday, November 13, 2003


We're through the looking glass here, people. Up is down. Down is up. Black is white. White is black.

- Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison in Oliver Stone's "JFK"

Few things made sense in the NFL this past weekend. The (1-7) Jacksonville Jaguars shocked the (7-1) Indianapolis Colts. The (1-7) San Diego Chargers upset the (6-2) Minnesota Vikings. The (1-7) Atlanta Falcons upended the (4-4) New York Giants in the Meadowlands. On their home turf, Tampa Bay's once-dominating defense allowed Carolina quarterback Jake Del Homme to lead his team down the field for the winning touchdown in the last two minutes and gave the Panthers a sweep of the regular season series over the Bucs. And take a long look below at just who is now the worst team in football -- last year's AFC Champion Oakland Raiders. What the f**k is going on here? This was easily the nuttiest week in the NFL so far, and I've already made that claim several times this season.

At least there were some things that held true to form -- KC remained undefeated by beating up on the disappointing Browns, Pittsburgh got back on the winning track by taking care of Arizona, Steve Spurrier pulled a ball play out of his ass to rescue the Redskins' reeling season and help bring the high-flying Seahawks back down to Earth, and the Miami Dolphins proved yet again that you can't count on them to block anyone or beat anyone after November 1st.

As far as Piker's Picks are concerned... we're in trouble. Not only did the Warner Bros. pull the plug on "The Stones," in effect they pulled their financing for Piker's crack staff of expert prognosticators. Last week, using a reduced staff of three, Piker suffered through it's worst football weekend yet with a 3-8-3 mark. The oddsmakers had a hell of a week, nailing the exact spread on three games after totaling four for the season heading into Week 10. Granted, this was without a doubt the most difficult week to handicap, what with all the upsets and such, but now Piker stares into the face of Week 11 armed only with his own football instincts. No staff. No discussion. Nothing. Just Piker and the Pigskin. Actually, that sounds like a pretty catchy title to an "Undersized Guy Comes Off the Bench to Lead His Team to Victory" Thanksgiving movie...

WON: Kansas City, Atlanta, Tennessee

LOST: Tampa Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Arizona, Seattle, Minnesota, Baltimore, Green Bay

PUSHED: Chicago, Dallas, N.Y. Jets

Piker's record for the season took a giant leap backwards this week and now stands at: 65-56-7.

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