Monday, March 10, 2003


I'm not sure I can find anyone to argue against the notion that Woody Harrelson is an eccentric. Now we have a documentary film to serve as proof. "Go Further" details Harrelson's 1,700 mile journey by hempseed oil-fueled bus from Seattle to Santa Barbara in the spring of 2001. During the THC trek, Harrelson spoke at several colleges on a range of environmental issues and brought along a support staff of stoners. In fact, Harrelson seems to play second fiddle to his elevated entourage in "Go Further."

One of the devotees on the bus is a former co-worker and acquiantence of mine named Steve Clark. Apparently, Clark eventually and inevitably takes a starring role in the dope documentary. If my experiences with him are any indication, this should prove to be a wilder ride than Mr. Toad's. Of the oodles of outrageous things I've heard him utter, the most quotable line remains: "Are you kidding? I'm doing great. A year ago, I came to town with a Bart Simpson backpack and a hit of acid. Now I have two cats and some furniture." Go as far as you need to go to see "Go Further."

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