Saturday, July 06, 2002


Ever since The Boss left town on summer holiday, the staff of pikers here at Piker has been scrambling to prepare the next installment of Piker. Information has been extremely difficult to come by, as The Boss has cut off his normal lines of communication with the outside world. From what we could gather, The Boss is visiting family and relaxing somewhere in South Florida. One of our resourceful staff writers, using The Weather Channel website, has learned that the weather down there is an extreme mix of sunshine and thunderstorms, which appears to be par for the course. According to one source, The Boss was spotted at The Oasis section of the Sawgrass Mills mall, taking in a matinee with his father, his father's girlfriend, and My Girl! When reached for comment, The Boss replied that Men in Black II contained some solid laughs but didn't add up to much. To celebrate the 4th of July, The Boss' mother hosted evening festivites at her new home. The Boss shared in the cooking duties on a scrumptious meal of salad, salmon, and scallops, topped off with good old fashioned apple pie a la mode. Strangely, upon tasting the scallops without sauce, The Boss' maternal grandmother requested leftover pizza. After dinner and several intense games of Rummy-Q, the family ventured out of the development and enjoyed a brilliant display of fireworks emanating from the park across the street. Other than that, The Boss has reportedly been dining out frequently, most notably at La Spada's Sub Shop and a hibachi meal at the Japan Inn. The Boss also acquired some much-needed running shoes at a local specialty store and tested them out on a relatively short job around the neighborhood. The Boss plans to do some bookstore browsing in the coming days, as he just completed the Alan Glynn book "The Dark Fields." The Boss raves about the work of fiction centering on a mysterious smart drug called MDT-48 and said it was a must-read for any self-respecting Gen Xer. By all accounts, The Boss' family has welcomed My Girl with open arms and the power couple has apparently been spending a great deal of time with The Boss' eccentric and entertaining brother. The Boss did sound concerned, however, that his mother has passed on her addiction to several computer games to My Girl.

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