Friday, December 05, 2003


The dust cleared and started to settle in Week 13 of the NFL season. Team records now serve as a solid indicator of how good these teams actually are and how good they can be. Not too many surprises this past weekend. Jacksonville beating Tampa Bay on Sunday night was an upset, but it was one that you felt coming. Tampa is lost and so is their season. Byron Leftwich is a stud and will be an NFL star for a long time. The Jets upsetting the Titans on Monday night was another mild surprise, considering the Titans were bound to lose a game somewhere along the line and the Jets have gotten a lot better since Chad Pennington returned from injury. Other than that, you had the Thanksgiving Day games -- the Lions are always unpredictable and scary on T-Giving and the Packers should have been better prepared, and the Dolphins played their best game of the season in exposing the Cowboys as a team that probably won't get very far in the playoffs, should they make it.

The 'Phins victory was the giddiest romp the Dol-Phans have had to cheer about in quite some time and marks the easiest win they've had all year. Now it's December and everyone's just waiting for the football men from South Florida to freeze up and choke again. The D has to hold fast, Fiedler's gotta stay hot, and Ricky's gotta keep running. Oh, and I told you Chris Chambers was a breakout wideout waiting to happen.

Steve Spurrier is in trouble. After losing to the Saints at home, the Redskins fell to 4-8 and sealed a .500 or worse season. Either the team isn't buying into the former Florida Gator coach's methods, or Spurrier's personality is just not suitable to impose on an NFL franchise. Despite the fact that I hate the Redskins, I still can't help rooting for the old ball coach.

All of a sudden the Ravens have an offense. Alexander Wright is playing pretty well and that team is catching fire at the right time. Meanwhile, the Eagles have been streaking along and came up with a big win at Carolina. If they beat Dallas this weekend, which they should, Philly will be considered the favorite coming out of the NFC. But then there are the Rams -- They're back...

WON: Detroit, Miami, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, New England, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Seattle, N.Y. Jets

LOST: Carolina, N.Y. Giants, Washington, Oakland, Kansas City, Tampa Bay

Piker picked on his own last week and pulled out the best numbers in recent weeks. 10-6 for the week and should have been 11-5, if not for that meaningless very last second of the game touchdown fucking Flutie threw to cover the spread against the Chiefs. Fucking Flutie...

After the 10-6 Week 13, the season total is all crazy eights: 88-80-8.

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