Friday, November 07, 2003


I came across an extremely valuable piece of information at a dinner party last night. Apparently, the maximum weekly amount of unemployment in California is going up to $420 in January 2004. I mean... did they not consider the connotation of 420? In honor of the pay hike, I'm holding off on filing my claim until the beginning of January and then I'm going to smoke out at 4:20 while collecting my paycheck of $420, and I'm going to do it 420 times. Of course, that would bleed into 2005 and then things would be all screwed up because of inconsistency of the numeral 5 in 2005 instead of the 4 in 2004 and it would mean that I would have been unemployed for over a year. I really can't afford to do that again.

What I can afford to do is set myself up right for an indefinite hiatus, which begins as soon as I finish this post and leave the studio lot. Three things will help me accomplish this goal:

1) DirecTV, including all the movie channels and the NFL Sunday Ticket
2) PlayStation 2, which I purchased last night, along with the combo pack of greatest hits -- Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City
3) iPod, preferably the middle one with a 7000 song capacity

And there you have it -- the keys to a successful stretch of unemployment. I'm also toying with the idea of attempting to write a script every six weeks. That would total 8 pieces for 2004 and a headstart on #1 for 2005. But, with all that TV, video games, and music, who has time to write?

Finally, Piker would like to give a special birthday shout-out to J-Yoz. The Piker staff desperately tried to acquire the Paris Hilton Sex Video to send to The Wizard of Yoz as a b-day gift, but as it turns out, Piker doesn't have the pull. Instead, Piker is making up a T-shirt that says: "I Clicked On PIKER.BLOGSPOT.COM And All I Got Was This Crappy Birthday Shout-Out." Wear it in good health, my friend.

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