Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Craps... Piker had a 7-7 record in Week 7. Still can't figure out the teams from Ohio. Piker bet against the Bengals and with the Browns and got burned by both of them. Kelly Holcombe is a winner, but the Browns simply cannot stop the run, which makes them the most unpredictable team in the league from week to week. Then there's the Bengals, who are actually kinda tough for a 2-4 team. The Bills and Niners have a Jeckyl and Hyde thing going on as well. Tennessee finally seems like they're playing up to their capability, ending Carolina's undefeated run at 5. And "Oh no, Olindo!" I don't care if the Marlins are in the World Series and you have to kick off second base to bang a field goal through the friggin' uprights, you hit one of the two game winners at the end of regulation and the beginning of overtime. Terrible loss for the Phins at home. Besides the Marlins, it was not a good week overall for the Florida teams, as the Bucs lost on the road to level their record at 3-3. The Super Bowl champs are not only vulnerable, they're flat out beatable. If the Super Bowl were today, the matchup would be unquestionable -- the only two undefeated teams left -- Chiefs vs. Vikings. Congrats to San Diego for being the last team in the league to get their first win of the season. And kudos to Piker's own Johnny Silbs, whose 12-2 record was the single week high for the season.

WON: New Orleans, Tennessee, Dallas, Minnesota, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Kansas City

LOST: Baltimore, Cleveland, Miami, Houston, Washington, Tampa Bay, Seattle

Piker's season mark now stands at: 46-37-3. After Week 8, Piker will present a special segment, projecting the final records of each of the teams in the NFL. Until then, enjoy my dream World Series -- Yanks and Marlins -- and, in keeping with the theme, let's hope it goes 7 games.

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