Wednesday, October 15, 2003


It is not yet apparent whether the Piker staff is improving in its ability to pick games or NFL teams are starting to show their true colors. Piker kicked some gridiron ass this weekend, going 10-4 against the spread. One of our unaminous picks, Philadelphia, lost to Dallas and let us down in a big way, showing that they are currently not a very good football team. Thus far, Donovan McNabb has failed to silence the critics. Is Dallas for real? If you look at their schedule so far, it's been soft and they haven't really faced a big test yet. The 'Boys are likely to go to 5-1 after Week 7, as they are on the road at lowly Detroit. After that, Dallas has six games in a row against opponents with .500 records or better, including Tampa Bay, New England, Carolina, and Miami. But, looking down the road, it's not unthinkable that the Cowboys can get into the playoffs with a 10-6 mark. The Carolina Panthers are for real. They hung tough and beat the Colts in OT at Indy and earned themselves a spot in the league's Top 5. KC is definitely for real. Another Alcoa Fantastic Finish in OT at Lambeau. The Pack let that game slip away, but they're still in the top half of the NFL. When you glance at this week's Piker Power Rankings, take note of the fact that there really are only 15 or so teams playing well right now. And if you make it all the way down to the bottom of the list, check out how many truly pathetic teams are celler dwelling. The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are on the board after blowing out the sinking Bills. Huge AFC East matchup this weekend between the Dolphins and the Patriots. Winner takes control of the division.

WON: Cleveland, Carolina, Miami, New England, New Orleans, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, San Francisco, St. Louis

LOST: Philadelphia, Green Bay, Denver, Buffalo

Posting a 10-4 record for Week 6 brings Piker's season tally to 39-30-3. Not too shabby.

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