Wednesday, October 08, 2003


It was a miserable week for the pack of Piker prognosticators. Going into the staff meeting, our four resident "experts" were split on 7 of the 14 games. After much deliberation and debate, the deadlocks were broken and a consensus agreed upon. In those 7 games, our record wound up 1-6-1. The staff could come to a unanimous decision on only two games. Lost both of 'em. Overall, Piker went 5-8-1 against the spread in Week 5, to bleed into the red for the first time. (On a personal side note: I was the only one on solid ground with an 8-5-1 record for the weekend.) Altogether, Piker's record for the season teeters on the edge of .500 at 29-26-3. Well, at least the Dolphins looked good in soundly defeating the New York football Giants, the Monday night matchup contained a phenomenal and improbable comeback -- one that definitely would have been featured on Alcoa's Fantastic Finishes segment back in the day -- and that punt return by KC's Dante Hall may have been the best I've ever seen.

WON: Minnesota, Dallas, Miami, Jacksonville, Washington

LOST: Buffalo, Carolina, Oakland, Seattle, Kansas City, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay

PUSHED: San Francisco

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