Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Piker was in serious danger of losing some theoretical cash, but thanks to the Green Bay Packers covering against the Chicago Bears, Piker's crack staff of football experts avoided dipping under the .500 mark for the week. With Piker's beloved Miami Dolphins sitting on the sidelines on Sunday, coupled with the fact that Piker had to work on Sunday, Piker was not able to see any of the games. However, Piker saw all the highlights on SportsCenter and PrimeTime and is keenly aware of what's happening in the NFL. What's happening is it's damn near impossible to pick games with any consistency. Buffalo looked like the best team in the league a couple of weeks ago, now they've lost two straight and when it's all said and done, they might not even make the playoffs. Cleveland lost to Cincy at home, the Steelers lost to the Titans at home, the Ravens couldn't hang with the Chiefs, Detroit hung in with Denver, the Chargers should have beaten the Raiders, and the Jets flat out suck. In the end, Piker went 7-6-1 for in Week 4. It broke down like this:

WON: Houston, Minnesota, St. Louis, Carolina, Dallas, Indianapolis, Green Bay

LOST: Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Oakland, Denver

PUSHED: Washington

Piker's overall record for the year now stands at 24-18-2. If it gets any worse, we're going to have to haul the jug full of change down to the supermarket and give the CoinStar seven cents on the dollar for some cold hard cash.

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