Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Man, it's hard to bet football. Especially in the early part of the season. The Patriots beat the crap out of Philly in Philly? Carolina blocked an extra point at the end of regulation and beat Tampa Bay in overtime? Indy blew out the mighty Titans? Cincy almost beat the Raiders? Yeah, right... Next thing you're going to tell me is the Dolphins went up to the Meadowlands and rerouted the Jets. Are you kidding me? As Johnny Mac would yell with complete incredulity, "You cannot be serious!" Well, Piker may not have proven himself a particularly prescient prognosticator in Week 2 of the NFL season, but at least the 'Phins swam in the right direction and managed to save Wannestadt's giant scalp. For the time being.

Tabulating the results of Piker's first week of picks, we arrive at a final figure of 8-7-1 against the spread. With that record, Piker'll miss the playoffs by a half game in the AFC.

WON: Washington, Green Bay, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle, Carolina, Denver, Minnesota

LOST: Cleveland, Tennessee, Jacksonville, N.Y. Jets, Oakland, Philadelphia, N.Y. Giants

PUSHED: San Francisco

Look for Piker's Week 3 Picks on Friday. But, now you know not to follow them too closely before handing your betting card to the no-nonsense guy at the window of the Sports Book at the Bellagio.

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