Friday, August 01, 2003


Feeling pressured to defend his Favorite Active Athlete list, J-Yoz turned in a terrific goal-line stand of opinion-making yesterday. So passionate is he about his fav athletes, you'd think he was the engine driving their respective publicity machines.

1. Kevin Garnett
Most passion for winning in all sports, plays 5 positions
2. Ichiro Suzuki
As famous as Beckam, as cool as Nicholson; best Def OF in game
3. Ernie Els
The Big Easy, gorgeous swing; will win "major" standoff w/Tiger soon
4. Donovon McNabb
Breaks ankle in 1st Qtr then throws for 400 yds in heroic win
5. Kendrell Bell
Will be '03 Defensive MVP; faster than Urlacher, meaner than Lewis
6. Carmelo Anthony
Won't be the Heir Apparent like LeBron, but will have more fun
7. Barry Zito
His musician father reads a book and builds a 23 yr old Cy-winner
8. Michael Vick
Excitement in a Bottle, will be first ever 3,000yd pass/1,000yd run
9. Michelle Wie
The Tracy Austin of golf, hits 320yd drives, may play Augusta in '08
10. Mark Messier
Guarantees victory, backs it up w/ 3rd pd. hat-trick, ends "1940!"

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