Tuesday, January 28, 2003


Hey, how are you today? Would you like to read some hip and edgy online journalism? Great... Please follow me into the Salon where we have a brief presentation on the new Mercedes E-Class. "The 2003 E-Class is a thrilling combination of the familiar and the unexpected, classic details and new attitude. With more standard features and options than ever before, the 2003 E-Class combines everything you love about Mercedes-Benz with the latest innovations in automotive engineering." We're so sure you're going to love the new 2003 E-Class that we're willing to give you a free day's worth of unlimited access to that hip and edgy journalism you expressed interest in earlier. All you have to do is interact with our multi-window presentation and click through to the end and all those free words can be yours. Of course, we used to offer these same words for free, but we're so excited about the new 2003 E-Class that we're thinking of the opportunity to experience it online as an upgrade to the Salon experience. So, step lively. Right this way. There you go. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable, help yourself to some of the free water we're providing, and enjoy your time with the new 2003 E-Class. When the presentation concludes, just click on Go To Salon Premium and there you'll savor such things as an excerpt from Carina Chocano's brand new book "Do You Love Me Or Am I Just Paranoid?" You'll also find an interview of Ms. Chocano by none other than frequent Salon contributor Heather Havrilesky. And you must read Ms. Havrilesky's latest scathing take on pop culture entitled "New Jack City." Of course, there's so much more in the wonderful world of Salon. As a gift from the fine folks at Mercedes, feel free to read as much as you possibly can in 17 hours. After all, it's free.

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